Sketching at the Flaxmill Maltings

We had planned to host an artist day on the third Saturday of the month to invite artists of all ages and skill levels to engage with the site in a medium of their choosing. Unfortunately, we can't open the site at the moment, but we have plenty of photographs to share that could serve as inspiration. Here is our first set, a group of images featuring the long gone Silos here at the Flaxmill Maltings, including an example sketched by one of our own artists.

If you'd like hi res versions of any of these images please email us on [email protected]

We'd love to see your artistic responses. Do please email us the results of your work!


Both silos, seen from the 'Meds', Greenfields on a frosty Winter's morning


The imposing barley silo, seen through a Cross Mill window


The Malt silo, to the North of the site


The top of the barley silo, seen behind the Dye House


Steps up to nowhere - the barley silo


The top of the malt silo, just before demolition

The Malt silo in the process of being scaffolded prior to demolition


The malt silo with the warehouse, kiln and jubilee tower. An image by Dea Paradisos, a member of our Flaxmill Maltings Arts group


We'd love to see your artistic responses. Do please email us the results of your work!