Community Arts

The Friends has a thriving Community Arts Group which is engaged in a range of community orientated initiatives. 

We have successfully run open exhibitions at the Flaxmill Maltings, a touring exhibition around Shrewsbury and arts workshops.

View the 'Revitalize' gallery.

We have a number of active community arts projects that people can join as volunteers and workshop leaders. 

These include:

  • Ditherington and Castlefields past present and future – a project to decorate the hoardings around the site with art celebrating the local community.
  • Arts Workshops for local groups focused on capturing the Flaxmill Maltings site in various mediums.
  • Exhibitions – within the Flaxmill Maltings and at venues across the West Midlands.

You can see images of our previous events and activities including:

  • Revitalize! Open Exhibition.
  • Our Big Gig.

on our Facebook page.

We also have a Facebook Group where we promote Arts opportunities involving the group, and invite participation in the Mill project from any interested artists. 

Flaxmill Maltings Community Arts - Aims and objectives:

To create an open and inclusive environment which makes the Flaxmill Maltings available to those who wish to participate in interpreting, though art, their responses to the site, its related activities and processes and its heritage and use over the last 215 years.

To work throughout the community to offer opportunities for public participation in arts related activities.

To raise the profile of the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings and of the heritage of the site.

To chronicle the current state, and future redevelopment of Flaxmill Maltings, through a variety of media and to make this record available to the public.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Curating exhibitions at the site.
  • Arranging exhibitions at other local venues.
  • Including local people of all ages in arts based events and activities.
  • Organising and providing art works to decorate hoardings & the proposed visitor centre.
  • Establishing an internet based record of artworks.

If you are interested in getting involved with the arts projects please contact us [email protected]